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My mind, through the power of truth, was in a good degree weaned from thedesire of outward greatness, and I was learning to be content with realconveniences, that were not costly, so that a way of life free from muchentanglement appeared best for me, though the income might be small. I hadseveral offers
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of business that appeared profitable, but I did not see my wayclear to accept of them, believing they would be attended with more outwardcare and cumber than was required of me to engage in. I saw that an humble man,with the blessing of the Lord, might live on a little, and that, where theheart was set on greatness, success in business did not satisfy the craving;but that commonly, with an increase of wealth, the desire of wealth increased. There was a care on my mind so to pass my time, that nothing might hinder mefrom the most steady attention to the voice of the true Shepherd.My employer, though now a retailer of goods, was by trade a tailor, and kepta servant-man at that business; and I began to think about learning the trade,expecting that if I should settle I might by this trade and a little retailingof goods get a living cheap designer shoes
in a plain way, without the load of great business. Imentioned it to my employer, and we soon agreed on terms, and when I hadleisure from the affairs of merchandise I worked with his man. I believed thehand of Providence pointed out this business for me, and I was taught to becontent with it, though I felt at times a disposition that would have soughtfor something greater; but through the revelation of Jesus Christ I had seenthe happiness of humility, and there was an earnest
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