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1.13: Configuring External Devices [复制链接]

发表于 2007-04-04 17:19 |显示全部楼层
Certification Objective 1.13: Configuring External Devices
认证目的 1.13: 配置外部的装置
You can install many devices externally to your computer.
These devices are sometimes known as peripherals.
Generally, peripheral devices fall into five categories: serial, parallel, USB, IEEE 1394, and PC Cards.
通常,周边装置区分为五个范畴: 连载、平行、万用串列总线、电器和电子工程师协会 1394 和个人计算机卡。
A device attached to a serial port, such as a mouse or a modem, uses the device associated with that port.
Devices attached to parallel, USB, or IEEE 1394 ports normally use their own device files.
装置通常附上到平行、万用串列总线或电器和电子工程师协会 1394 埠使用他们自己的装置文件。
PC Cards are a special case normally associated with laptop computers.
While Linux normally recognizes basic devices attached to serial or USB ports, such as a mouse during installation, configuring other devices may take additional work.
Linux 通常认识基本的装置附上到连载或者万用串列总线埠, 像是安装的一个鼠标,不过配置其他的装置可能拿另外的工作。
Serial Ports
In many cases, configuring a device for a serial port is as simple as linking to the driver of the associated port.
For example, if you have an external modem connected to the only serial port on your computer, the Linux plug and play subsystem may have already linked the device for that port with the device for your modem.
举例来说,如果你在你的计算机上对唯一的串行端口连接一台外部的调制解调器, Linux 即插即用次系统可能为你的调制解调器已经为那一个埠用装置联接装置了。
Run the ls -l /dev/modem command.
运行 ls-l/dev/调制解调器指令。
If it shows something like the following output, you know that Linux has already linked your modem driver with the second serial port:
如果它表示某事喜欢下列的输出,你知道 Linux 用第二个串行端口已经联接你的调制解调器驱动器了:
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root   root    10 Apr 4 11:28 /dev/modem -> /dev/ttyS1
lrwxrwxrwx 1个根根    10 四月 4 日 11:28/dev/调制解调器 ->/dev/ttyS 1
Otherwise, you can use the ln command to create a link to the appropriate port.
另外,你能使用 ln 指令产生和适当的埠连结。
If you have a serial mouse, you should find the same type of link from /dev/mouse.
如果你有一个连续的鼠标, 你应该找相同类型的联结从 /dev/mouse。
Parallel Ports
Configuring devices attached to a parallel port can be more complex.
For example, Linux doesn't always recognize plug and play printers that are attached to a parallel port such as /dev/lp0.
举例来说, Linux 不总是认识即插即用被附上到的打印机一并口如此的当做 /dev/lp 0.
Further configuration with tools such as the CUPS Web-based tool or the Red Hat Printer Configuration tool may be required.
较进一步的配置用工具,像是 CUPS ,网络的工具或红帽打印机配置工具可能被需要。
You can find the device associated with your CUPS printer in the /etc/cups/printers.conf file.
你能找在那 /etc/ cups/printers.conf 文件中与你的 CUPS 打印机有关的装置。
If you're connecting an external hard drive to a parallel port, you'll want to install the paride module and the module associated with your device, whether it is a hard drive, a tape drive, or a CD-ROM.
如果你正在连接对一个并口的一个外部的硬式磁盘机,你将会想要安装与你的装置有关的 paride 模组和模组,无论它是一个硬式磁盘机, 一个磁带机或一个光盘。
Similar steps are required for other parallel port devices.
Detailed information on configuring parallel port devices is available from the Linux Parallel Port Web site at
的 Linux 并口网站是可得的-pp.html。
Linux support for USB is growing with the evolution of the latest kernels.
对于万用串列总线的 Linux 支援正在以最近的核仁的进化增加。
While the latest versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux supports USB hot-swapping, support for the higher-speed USB 2.0 standard is still 'experimental,' as are Linux drivers for many USB devices.
最新版的红帽企业 Linux 热地支援万用串列总线-因为当为许多万用串列总线装置是 Linux 驱动器之时,高速度万用串列总线 2.0 标准仍然是 '实验的 ,' ,对换, 支援。
For the latest information, see the Linux USB Web site at
的 Linux 万用串列总线网站。
You may be able to download your driver and install it using the techniques discussed in Chapter 4.
你可能能够使用在第 4 章被讨论的技术下载你的驱动器而且安装它。
IEEE 1394
电器和电子工程师协会 1394
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has developed the IEEE 1394 specifications for very high speed data transfer applications, such as digital movies.
电子电机工程师协会 (电器和电子工程师协会) 已经为最高速数据转移应用程序, 像是数传电影发展电器和电子工程师协会 1394 规约。
Equipment designed to these standards is often known by its trade names: FireWire and iLink.
被设计到这些标准的设备时常被它的商标名知道: FireWire 和 iLink。
The current status is similar to USB; in other words, some IEEE 1394 equipment works with Linux, and development continues.
目前的状态与万用串列总线类似; 换句话说,一些电器和电子工程师协会 1394 设备和 Linux 工作,而且发展继续。
For the latest information, see the Linux IEEE 1394 Web site at linux1394.sourceforge.net/hcl.php.
对于最新信息,在 linux 1394. sourceforge.net/hcl.php 见到 Linux 电器和电子工程师协会 1394 网站。
个人计算机卡 (PCMCIA)
Linux has one package called Card Services that deals exclusively with PC cards.
Linux 一个软件包已经认为卡是独有地以个人计算机卡处理的服务。
This package includes all the kernel modules you'll need to manage PCMCIA cards and a set of drivers for specific cards.
这一个软件包包括所有的核仁模组,你将会需要为特定的卡处理 PCMCIA 卡和一组驱动器。
The package also includes a daemon that handles hot-swapping for most PC cards.
While development of the Card Services package is ongoing, there is often a period where there is no support for the proprietary configurations especially common on laptops.
For this reason, the latest laptop is often not the best choice for a Linux installation.
对于这理由,最近的膝上型电脑时常不是最好的选择为一个 Linux 安装。
However, support for Linux on most name brand laptops is now common even when the laptop is first released.
即使当膝上型电脑首先被释放,然而,对于在大多数的名字上的 Linux 商标膝上型电脑的支援是现在通常的。
In fact, several companies sell laptops with Linux installed.
事实上,一些公司用被安装的 Linux 卖膝上型电脑。
Supported PCMCIA Controllers
支援了 PCMCIA 控制器
According to the Linux PCMCIA Information page at pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net, Linux now supports all common PCMCIA controllers.
根据对 Linux PCMCIA 信息页在 pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net, Linux 现在支援所有的通常 PCMCIA 控制器。
If you have a problem with a specific PCMCIA card, focus on finding a driver for the card itself.
如果你有一个一个特定的 PCMCIA 卡的问题, 关于为卡本身发现一个驱动器的焦点。
A current list of supported PCMCIA controllers can be found on the Hardware HOWTO.
控制器能在硬件 HOWTO 上被发现的一个支援的 PCMCIA 的目前列表。
Supported Cards
The Card Services package comes bundled with a file named SUPPORTED.CARDS.
卡服务软件包来以一个叫做 SUPPORTED.CARDS 的文件捆。
You can probably find it on your Linux computer with the locate SUPPORTED.
你或许能在你的 Linux 计算机上找它与那位于支援。
CARDS command.
Also, you can check the PCMCIA HOWTO or the Red Hat Hardware Compatibility List for supported cards.
同时, ,你为支援卡能检查 PCMCIA HOWTO 或红帽硬件相容列表。
Alternatively, the Linux PCMCIA Information Page may also be helpful.
二者择一地, Linux PCMCIA 信息页也可能是有帮助的。
On The Job  During your career as a computer professional, there will be times you'll be asked to research a specific product or technology.
To get an idea of how hard or easy this can be, call a major computer retailer or manufacturer and inquire about their latest laptop.
得到主意如何硬式或者容易的这能是, 打电话给一个主要的计算机零售商或者制造业者而且询问他们最近的膝上型电脑。
Ask them if it supports Linux.
如果它支援 Linux ,问他们。
What kind of answer do you get?
你拿哪一类的  回应?
Ask them if they have any earlier models that will.
Do you believe the answers you receive are reliable?
你们相信你受到的  回应是可靠的吗?
Check out the company's Web page, if you can, and find out if they provide any information about the product on the Internet.
检查公司的网页,如果你能, 和发现出自如果他们为因特网提供关于产品的任何资讯。
Doing this kind of research can be very trying, with or without success.
做这种研究可能是非常尝试, 与或没有成功。
Before deciding what kind of hardware you want to install Linux on, you should have a good understanding of what will and will not work.
在决定之前哪一类的硬件你想要安装 Linux 在,之上你应该有将会的好理解而且将不工作。
Start early and build a good base of reliable references you can use to find out new computer information.
Web sites, such as the Linux Documentation Project, as well as magazines like Linux Journal, Linux Format (UK), Sys Admin Magazine, and Linux Magazine, will help you stay informed.
像 Linux 文件编写计划这样的网站、连同杂志喜欢 Linux 日志、 Linux 格式 (英国), Sys 管理杂志, 和 Linux 杂志,将会帮助你保持很见多识广。

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